Woodzy presents #TouchWood Launch Party
Date: Thurs. Nov 14th 2013
Venue: Scream Lounge, Croydon

‘It’s all good,’ is the lyrical motif that opens Woodzy’s much-anticipated third mixtape ‘Touchwood’. In retrospect the word ‘good’ is an understatement, especially when considering the quality of the awesome launch event he delivered last Thursday at Scream Lounge, Croydon.

For this auspicious occasion Woodzy brought us back to the place where it all began for him. Oozing with confidence, the IITS associate put his event management skills to good use, programming a wealth of talent to open the evening. Without fear of being overshadowed, the generous lyricist shone the spotlight on some of the freshest new unsigned talent around. DeeRiginal boasted bodacious bars, Notts star Garton and Kid Verbal assaulted the mic with agile wordplay, and elsewhere OSD dropped heavyweight beats and bars. However, not even the notable notes from guest indie act Jovian could take away the anticipation building up around Woodzy’s headline performance. 

Once host Fusion finished working up the crowd, it was time for the Surrey-born b-boy to put in an appearance. Woodzy controlled the stage, with a confidence and self-assured swagger that hyped the fans gathered in the intimate venue, as they got behind the natural-born performer.

Backed by an amazing band, comprising of uber talented music teachers, peers and long time collaborator G-Dog, Woodzy rocked out, as he rolled through a variety of songs from the mixtape. Throughout the set, Woodzy’s band and backing vocalist showed incredible ability on all levels.

As a body of work, ‘Touch Wood’ didn’t disappoint. The release offered listeners a new, deeper perspective on the upcoming MC. His lyrical ability is more than evident on ‘Bars on Bars’ and ‘Irrelevant Interlude’, but there is also room for more emotional material on this outing, as demonstrated on ‘Señorita’ and the introspective ‘Morning Rain’.

Over the next few months ‘Touch Wood’ will be doing the rounds on the streets, clubs and mixtape sites. Industry in the Streets will of course be first on the scene to keep you up on Woodzy’ progress. We’re very excited about where he can take it.

Best of luck to our boy Woodzy… on second thoughts ‘touchwood’, he won’t need any. If there’s any justice, tenacity and natural talent will prevail.